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Post harvest process

Before entering the Post-harvest processing the immature, diseased, insect-damaged, and dry berries as well as the leaves, twigs, and other foreign matter are sorted out, to ensure only the best continue in the process. We use a wet postharvest processing in which we mechanically strip the bean from its hull and which then goes through a wet process and fermentation to remove the excess substances we don't want in our final product. When the coffee bean is ready we spread it out in our "patios" to sundry it to perfection turning it every few hours to ensure the beans are dried evenly.


This process takes a lot of water and the water is contaminated after the process. To ensure the sustainability of our post-harvest processing we reuse the water and have a small water treatment facility to treat our grey waters before releasing them back into the rivers.  The hulls produced during the postharvest are then reused later in the year an organic fertilizer for when the plants are planted out into the field. 


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