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From the Bean to the Bean

Our farm encompasses the entire production chain from the nursery to the sun-drying of the bean, ensuring the best agricultural practices along the whole way. We start by planting selected seedlings from varieties adapted to the natural conditions in our farms. 

When the seedlings are ready to be planted in the field, we add organic fertilizer to give them a boost into adult life. Later these plants flower with the first rains of the season and are pollinated by insects.  Since all of our plants are grown under natural forests there are plenty of insects to take over the pollination. 

From these flowers, the first small coffee beans emerge, which later will grow into our harvest. These beans are cared for by our workers until October-November when they start to ripe. Then they are harvested manually to ensure that each bean is picked at the perfect ripeness. This ensures better flavors, aroma, and quality in our coffee. 

Our Varieties

Our coffee production is based on three varieties: Catuaí, Tipica, and Geisha. These varieties were carefully selected according to their cup quality, their preference of climatic and edaphic conditions. Each variety produces a different taste sensation since they vary in their efficiency in producing acids and absorbing sugars, this influencing the acidity and the sweetness of the cup. 


Catuaí: The Catuaí plant is normally medium to tall and produces a coffee with medium acidity. When planted above 1000 meters, it produces the best flavors and cup. Its beans can be red or yellow. 


Tipica: The Tipica plant is a tall plant of about 5 meters with a conic shape. The production of this variety is good. This coffee produces a higher acidity in the cup and is generally rather strong. 


Geisha: The geisha is a medium plant with a rather large space between the twigs and the nodes. This makes is less productive than the last two varieties. The geisha, however, is the queen of the farm. The cup it produces is very distinctive showing citric notes, sweetness, and floral elements that remind of Jazmin flowers. 

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